Starlink Satellite Internet Packages Price in Pakistan

Qaisar Aqeel


First, before we get into the specifics of the price for the Starlink Satellite Internet Packages in Pakistan, let’s get one thing straight: is Starlink Internet even available in Pakistan? Millions of people in Pakistan’s rural areas still suffer from a subpar internet connection or lack of access to the internet altogether because cable and fiber internet options are either scarce or nonexistent.

While some regions of the country have access to gigabit speeds, the rest still depend on DSL or other services that provide download rates of between 1 and 5 Mbps.

According to Dataportal, as of January 2023, 85 million people living in Pakistan have Internet access. This represents 36 percent of the entire population.

A considerable expansion in online business has also resulted from the meteoric rise in internet usage. Consequently, it is abundantly evident that dependable and high-quality internet service providers such as Starlink are an absolute requirement.

The State of the Internet in Pakistan as of Right Now:

Although a connection speed of 5 Mbps is sufficient for basic web browsing and the use of social media by one or two people, this speed is insufficient for online gaming or the streaming of 4K video. In addition, if numerous household members require Internet access simultaneously.

It might feel like going back to the days of dial-up internet when you had to yell at your siblings to get off the phone to free up the line for your dial-up modem. Moreover, if multiple household members require an internet connection simultaneously, it can feel like going back to the days of dial-up internet. Those warm and fuzzy recollections, you must be thinking.

The good news is that StarLink, Elon Musk’s satellite-based Internet service, provides a fresh alternative that can be used to overcome these difficulties. Many people have high hopes that Starlink Satellite Internet will resolve Pakistan’s connectivity issues as quickly as possible because of its promise of a speed of 150 Mbps and an easy installation process.

This holds enormous promise, particularly for enterprises in the country involved in e-commerce. Let’s go into the nitty-gritty of this service, including its pricing and potential connection speeds.

How Do I Get a Connection to the Internet Through Starlink?

Getting Starlink installed in your home is a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the website of Starlink to determine whether or not the company’s coverage region covers your location. Using the SpaceX coverage map and signing up for the service are all required to accomplish this task effortlessly.

Signing up is simple and quick; all that is required from you is your address and credit card information. You will receive an approximate timeframe for receiving your Starlink kit once you have signed up for the service. This timeframe usually is around three weeks. If there is a significant demand for the kits, your name may be added to a waiting list until further kits become available.

After you have received the Starlink kit, installing it will be the most challenging component. However, once you are up and running, handling your monthly billing and payments is a breeze, and you can do so online. If you change your mind and decide to stop using the service, you won’t be charged any cancellation fees or costs for early termination of service.

Internet Packages Offered by Starlink in Pakistan:

It is essential to know that when you sign up for Starlink, the process differs from signing an equipment leasing deal with typical cable companies. This is one of the critical differences. When using Starlink, you must make an upfront purchase of the essential gear.

Although there is a one-time handling fee of $50 in addition to the somewhat expensive initial cost of the kit ($599), there are no ongoing costs associated with renting the equipment.

There are no binding agreements for extended periods, and the continuous service costs $110 per month to pay for. Because of this flexibility, you can halt the service and resume it whenever required. Undoubtedly, this new service carries a great deal of promise for those who are a part of Pakistan’s middle class. However, it is essential to remember that prices are subject to change at any time.

What Do You Get When You Buy the Starlink Kit?

The Starlink package provides everything necessary to establish your connection, including the following:

— The dish for Starlink

– Mounting on a disk

– The base unit of a Wi-Fi router

In addition, the package contains a power cable for the base unit and a cable measuring roughly 75 feet in length for establishing a connection between the router and the dish. Starlink provides supplemental accessories that can be used to fulfill additional requirements. These supplementary accessories include longer cables, other mounting gear, and adapters for connecting devices over Ethernet.

Packages of Internet Service Offered by Starlink in Pakistan (As Expected)

Although it would seem premature to discuss Starlink internet packages in Pakistan, given that the service is not yet accessible, we can gain some insight into the matter by looking at the options available in other countries. It is important to remember that the only currency Starlink normally accepts for payment is the United States dollar.

It is anticipated that Starlink will offer Home, Business, and Virtual Reality (VR) packages if the company decides to establish its services in Pakistan. These packages will vary from one another in terms of price as well as download speed so that they can meet the specific requirements of a wide variety of consumers. For further information, kindly refer to the specifics provided below:

1. Home:

  • Price range: $90 – $110
  • Internet data: There is no data limit
  • Transfer Rate: 100–200 Mbps
  • Time Amount: One Month

2. The marketplace:

  • The cost is $500
  • Internet data: There is no data limit
  • Transfer Rates of Up to 350 Mbps
  • Time Amount: One Month

3. VR:

  • The cost is $135
  • Internet data: There is no data limit
  • The speed can change based on where you are.
  • Time Amount: One Month

When Can Customers in Pakistan Expect to Start Using Starlink?

Currently, Starlink is waiting in Pakistan for permission from the relevant regulatory bodies. After approval has been given, the coverage area will grow, eventually bringing services to more regions.

Internet download speeds offered by Starlink in Pakistan:

It is vital to remember that although Starlink advertises speeds of up to 300 Mbps, the phrase “up to” does not guarantee that the highest rates will be maintained at all times. According to the data provided by Ookla, the majority of Starlink plans typically achieve download speeds of approximately 97 Mbps.

In conclusion, Starlink Satellite Internet demonstrates the considerable potential to bring about a sea change in how internet services are delivered in Pakistan and close the connectivity gaps in urban and rural areas. It can completely transform the digital environment of the country thanks to its remarkable speed and the ease with which it may be accessed.

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