New ONIC Sim Launch In Pakistan Dates Packages And Prices

Qaisar Aqeel


Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape is undergoing an extraordinary transformation with the emergence of the revolutionary ONIC Sim. This cutting-edge digital telecommunications service has garnered rapid attention for its lightning-fast support, seamless activation, and convenient offline capabilities.

Unveiled recently, ONIC Sim is quickly gaining popularity due to its competitive pricing and hassle-free online ordering, offering a fresh and efficient telecommunications experience. Empowering users nationwide with enhanced connectivity and services, ONIC Sim is redefining the way we communicate.

Since its debut, ONIC Sim has fueled the curiosity of Pakistani consumers seeking innovative solutions for consistent and affordable internet connectivity. The longing for a game-changing telecommunications option has been answered by ONIC Sim, emerging as the ultimate answer.

The ONIC network’s cost-effective approach has already captivated a wave of mobile users who demand premium call, SMS, and internet packages at pocket-friendly rates.

ONIC Sim has revolutionized the telecommunications landscape with its budget-friendly options, catering to individuals searching for reliable and effective connectivity. Priced attractively, the ONIC Sim starts from just Rs 100, extending to Rs 150. Its competitive pricing strategy has solidified its position in the industry, appealing to a broad audience.

In the dynamic Pakistani telecommunications sector, ONIC has emerged as a welcomed addition, aiming to provide customers access to a dependable network. Recognizing the need to leverage existing infrastructure, ONIC is committed to delivering exceptional service by collaborating with established networks.

Understanding that affordability is crucial in selecting a telecom provider, ONIC has crafted economical bundles and rates. As a result, a reliable network is now accessible to users at a reasonable cost. The Onic sim launched in Pakistan on 14 Aug 2023.

Onic Sim Packages Details:

Currently, Onic Sim offers three monthly packages to its customers, providing a range of flexible options to meet their needs.

onic sim packages

How to order ONIC Sim

Acquiring an ONIC Sim card is a seamless endeavor. Here’s how:

1. Visit ONIC’s official website (

2. Click “Order Now” and select your desired SIM card.

3. Provide the necessary contact and personal information as prompted.

4. Choose your preferred delivery method: in-store pickup or home delivery.

5. Complete the purchase using various payment methods.

6. Receive the SIM card and activate it at an authorized retailer with a valid ID proof.

7. Insert the SIM into your device and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

ONIC Serial Number

ONIC’s distinctive serial number, beginning with 0339, sets its SIM cards apart and aids in efficient network management. By installing the ONIC App, users can also enjoy additional convenience, effortlessly managing their cellular services from their devices.

Anticipation is running high in Pakistan’s telecom sector for ONIC Sim’s pricing and package details. With a solid commitment to accessibility and customer-centricity, this innovative network is poised to reshape the telecom landscape.

While ONIC focuses on the imminent launch of its SIM card, exciting features, and the potential to revolutionize connectivity nationwide, stay tuned for updates on ONIC’s official Facebook page and website. As more details unfold, ONIC Sim’s influence on Pakistan’s telecommunications is set to be groundbreaking, ushering in a new era of communication excellence.

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