Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

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Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Get ready to experience universities from around the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan by applying to universities in one or more regions!

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024

Applications for the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program have opened; we’ll discuss its features and a straightforward application procedure in detail in this article.

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2024-2026 offers fully funded master’s degrees for international students. Scholarships of this nature cover tuition fees in full, accommodation expenses, and flights in economy class, plus monthly stipend payments that assist with daily living costs.

WBGSP provides opportunities to both men and women from developing countries who possess relevant experience, have contributed significantly to their country’s development efforts, and enrolled in master’s programs focused on development-related subjects.

JJWBGSP scholarships support 26 Participating Programs offered by universities around the U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan that focus on key development issues like tax policy or infrastructure management.

You cannot qualify for JJWBGSP funding if accepted into any program; developing nation students have firm hopes to return home after graduating to use their newfound skills towards contributing economically and culturally to their nation’s advancement.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters occupying Newcastle University occupying four continents, including the U.S.A., Europe, Africa, Oceania & Japan for studies undertaken.
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Please click here for an overview of available Master Opportunities.
  • Program Duration: Two years

Application Deadline (The window will re-open between January and March 2024.).

Application Window #1 will run from January 16-2024, between noon Washington time and February 28, 2024, at noon (Washington). While Application Window 2 runs between March 27-2024. Both application periods have Scholarship coverage available as an add-on option.

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program offers students many advantages:

  • Economy class flights between your country of origin and your host university will be made available both before starting and after concluding your scholarship duration. Furthermore, scholars will receive a
  • U.S. $ 500 travel allowance per trip.
  • The cost of tuition and medical coverage available from your institution should be factored into any decision to enroll in graduate study programs.
  • As part of your university scholarship award, you will receive a monthly subsistence allowance covering living costs (accommodations and food for consumption; books). The exact amount may depend upon where in the world your residence lies.
  • Please be aware that JJ/WBGSP scholarship funds cover two years of master’s program study, whichever comes first.

The JJ/WBGSP scholarship does not cover:

VISA Application(s) Cost;

  • Cost for Family Support or Additional Courses of Scholar;
  • Any Course that Doesn’t Compleat the Minimum Credit Requirement to Earn A Graduate Degree.
  • Language training is not included in this graduate program. Additional travel arrangements during its duration, research-related expenses and educational materials (field trips, seminars or workshops attended, and internship placement), computer equipment used as an educational aid, and resident permit fees all fall under its purview.

Eligibility Criteria of Joint Japan-World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

To become eligible for The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, JJWBGSP applicants must fulfill specific criteria:

Required Language is English

  • Eligible Countries Are All World Nations* Do not hold dual citizenship with any developed nation and be in good health to meet eligibility requirements.
  • At least three years have passed since you completed an undergraduate (or similar) degree; at least three years must have elapsed since receiving that Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree, and three must be in development;
  • When applying, applicants should be employed full-time in development-related jobs at full pay with full-time income (this requirement does not apply to citizens from developing nations who come from a country that appears on our current list of Fragile and Conflict.
  • States in each scholarship call application guidelines).
  • Before or on or before the Scholarship Application Deadline Date, students must first be accepted without conditions (other than funding purposes) into at least one of JJ/WBGSP preferred master’s degree programs at universities outside their home countries and citizenship and residence countries listed when opening up scholarship application calls. An acceptance letter should then be uploaded before submitting your scholarship application form.

No person may serve at the World Bank Group as Director, alternative, staff member, or close relative through adoption or blood. A “close relative” can include a Father, Mother, sister, half-sister, brother, half-brother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle,, Niece, or Nephew,, and all eligibility criteria strictly meet their expectations without exceptions; these cannot change during open calls for applicants; however,,, the information provided can change between the closing of this process and starting the subsequent round of calls for applications.

How Can You Apply for The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program?

Please follow these steps to be considered eligible for this scholarship:

  • Before applying to one or more Master of Science Partner Program(s), an admission application must first be submitted. Any inquiries about how to complete such applications should be directed towards the respective university.
  • Register an account at the website dedicated to scholarship by following this link below.

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